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BBF09 Notes

We went through a lot of corks & cages at the De Proef table

We went through a lot of corks & cages at the De Proef table

Can’t believe I haven’t written about the Belgian Beer Fest yet. Personally, this fest was a huge improvement over the ACBF. Back in June I was taking a corticosteroid to treat my tendonitis, and had to keep alcohol intake to a minimum. No more dexamethasone for me, so I was able to indulge freely, while of course acknowledging my limit. I have a detailed list of everything I sampled, but it’s on my Blackberry which unfortunately suffered a run through the washing machine.

Over the weekend I poured beer for The Bruery, De Proef, Artisinal Imports, and Merchant du Vin. Each of these tables had fantastic stuff. I was most excited, however, to try anything from White Birch Brewing. Their highlights included a barrel aged & served saison and a rye whiskey aged triple. Unfortunately they are only distributed in New Hampshire (for now).

Everything about the fest was gold – staff, volunteers, brewers, and patrons were all awesome. Tickets for the Extreme Beer Fest & Night of the Barrels should be available soon




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Looking for a place to open a brewery?

My dad, the mayor of Greenwich, NY (pronounced GREEN-wich), just blogged asking for someone to open a brewery in the village. He outlines why Greenwich wants a brewery to set up shop (jobs, agriculture, tourism). There are some potentially great locations around town that could certainly fit the bill.

Greenwich isn’t far from Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, or Albany, New York. Manchester, Vermont is just over the border. If you find yourself there, One One One makes the best food in town.

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