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BBF09 Notes

We went through a lot of corks & cages at the De Proef table

We went through a lot of corks & cages at the De Proef table

Can’t believe I haven’t written about the Belgian Beer Fest yet. Personally, this fest was a huge improvement over the ACBF. Back in June I was taking a corticosteroid to treat my tendonitis, and had to keep alcohol intake to a minimum. No more dexamethasone for me, so I was able to indulge freely, while of course acknowledging my limit. I have a detailed list of everything I sampled, but it’s on my Blackberry which unfortunately suffered a run through the washing machine.

Over the weekend I poured beer for The Bruery, De Proef, Artisinal Imports, and Merchant du Vin. Each of these tables had fantastic stuff. I was most excited, however, to try anything from White Birch Brewing. Their highlights included a barrel aged & served saison and a rye whiskey aged triple. Unfortunately they are only distributed in New Hampshire (for now).

Everything about the fest was gold – staff, volunteers, brewers, and patrons were all awesome. Tickets for the Extreme Beer Fest & Night of the Barrels should be available soon




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