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Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

12 oz bottle poured into 20oz nonic pint; bought from the cooler but set out for 2-3 hours before drinking.

The stout is inky black with medium-dark head. It stands tall and proud for a bit before receding some. Its lacing is a bit sticky. Smells mostly roasty. Taste is also roasty but chocolatey. Feel wise, it’s nicely carbonated but isn’t as thick as I might expect a beer of its stature to be. This beer is hot! Warming. BCS gets easier and easier to drink as I continue down the glass, but it will have its way with me if I have more. I’m sure this is a good candidate for cellaring, but its too delicious to leave alone for long.

I really need to get a camera for these reviews. A glass of beer is a beautiful thing to behold, even (or especially) if no light can pass through it.


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Pretty Things Babayaga

I was very excited to see Babayaga on the tap list at Sunset Grill last night. It is the first winter seasonal from Pretty Things. It is a complex stout worth seeking. I hope to snag a bottle when they become available. Look for a review here.

See this link for a look at the label. Keep an eye out for it later this month.

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